The Problem with Mouth Breathing

It's not just about the noise. Prolonged mouth breathing can lead to

  • Dry mouth and sore throat
  • Increased risk of cavities and gum disease
  • Disrupted sleep and daytime fatigue
  • Potential changes in facial development
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  • Deeper Sleep

    Oxygen is fuel for your brain. Maximizing oxygen intake overnight supports brain health and deep sleep cycles.

  • Bye Bye Snoring

    Mouth taping gently encourages nasal breathing, keeping your airway open to reduce or eliminate snoring.

  • Supercharge Your Day

    Efficient breathing through your nose can improve focus, reduce fatigue, and aid in quicker recovery.

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More Oxygen, More Energy.

Nose breathing delivers more oxygen to your muscles and brain, which can enhance focus, reduce fatigue, and help you get the most out of your workouts. Use "SHUT UP!" to unlock your full potential.

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What's Got Them Smiling? Kind of.

Thousands of satisfied customers are proof: our solutions help reduce snoring, improve sleep quality, and boost daytime energy levels. Discover the sleep secret that's changing lives.

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Tired of Being Tired?

Mouth breathing might your culprit.

Mouth-taping not only curbs snoring but also supports relaxation, ensuring longer deep and REM sleep cycles. Essential for body repair, it stimulates growth hormone production and enhances brain function, mood, and memory.

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What Are They Made With?

  • High-quality, Eco-Friendly Cotton for natural skin breathability and Sweat-Absorbent design.
  • Medical-grade adhesive that keeps mouth tape on all day or night and pain-free removal.
  • Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin.
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Breathe Easier, Sleep Sounder

Our nose strips work by gently widening your nasal passages, promoting better airflow. This can

  • Reduce snoring caused by nasal congestion
  • Improve sleep quality by optimizing oxygen intake
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Silence the Snore, Upgrade Your Sleep

Our hypoallergenic mouth tape gently encourages nasal breathing by keeping your mouth closed while you sleep. This helps:

  • Prevent snoring caused by mouth breathing
  • Improve sleep quality by reducing nighttime awakenings
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Got A Question?

What is SHUT UP! Anti-Store Tape?

SHUT UP are groundbreaking sleep strips that support nose breathing, leading to enhanced sleep quality, decreased snoring, and numerous health benefits. By gently keeping your mouth closed during sleep, Respire helps you embrace your body's natural breathing mechanism, allowing you to experience all the benefits of nose breathing without the typical side effects of other snoring solutions.

How do I use SHUT UP! Tape?

Start by making sure your lips are clean and dry. Then, gently peel off a SHUT UP Strip from the sheet and apply it across your mouth, making sure it fits securely. After that, you're all set to enjoy a restful night's sleep and wake up feeling more energized in the morning.

Is Mouth Tape safe to use with Asthma?

Yes. In fact - breathing through the nose helps to slow down, humidify, condition, and filter air before it gets to your lungs. If you struggle with asthma, taking deeper, more, “cleansed” breaths can benefit the body immensely. For those that struggle with nasal breathing, you can absolutely practice with Hostage Tape + Hostage Nose Strips during the day or before bed first until you feel absolutely comfortable wearing them all night.

Will it hurt to remove the tape?

No. Our strip is designed for easy and pain free removal.

Can the strips fall off during the night?

SHUT UP's adhesive ensures that the strip will stay securely in place all night.

How many come in each pack?

Each pack contains 30 SHUT UP Sleep Strips, perfect for 1 months use.