About Us

Let's be real: snoring sucks. Mouth breathing is the worst. And waking up feeling like a zombie? No thanks. That's where SHUT UP! Tape comes in – we're the sleep solutions designed to help you (and your partner!) finally get the quiet, restful nights you crave.

We believe in ditching the complicated remedies and getting back to basics. Our hypoallergenic mouth tape gently encourages nasal breathing – the way your body is designed to sleep. Translation: Deeper sleep, less snoring, and waking up feeling like an actual human being. If your nose feels a little stuffy, our nose strips widen the airways for easier breathing and a congestion-free sleep.

SHUT UP! isn't your average sleep aid brand. We're a little outlandish, a little bold, and definitely here to help you improve your sleep game. No more struggling through the night – it's time to SHUT UP! and get the sleep you've been dreaming of.